Natural Gas compared to UK housing

In 1991 you could buy the 'average' UK home for the equivalent of 93,108.66 Million Metric British Thermal Units of Natural Gas. By 2014 the amount of Natural Gas required to buy the 'average' residential property in the United Kingdom decreased to 71,638.36 Million Metric British Thermal Units.

Natural Gas

  • Over the past 23 years
  • Compound Annual Growth: 5.71%
  • Greatest yearly performance: 302.7%
  • Poorest yearly performance: -70.3%
  • Source: International Monetary Fund
  • Description: Natural Gas, Natural Gas spot price at the Henry Hub terminal in Louisiana, US$ per Million Metric British Thermal Unit

UK Houses

  • Over the past 31 years
  • Compound Annual Growth: 6.17%
  • Greatest yearly performance: 34.63%
  • Poorest yearly performance: -17.17%
  • Source: Halifax